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Chairman Speech

It is important to understand that the fundamental elements of human life same today as they were in Plato’s and Aristotle’s times. Hence such aims of education as character building, development of personality, social welfare, proper use of leisure, protection of culture and civilization, development of community felling, creating able citizens, preparation of adult life, development of innate qualities etc. are permanent objectives which will remain the same in future also.


The management has added a new bus to an ahead existing fleet of buses.
The school has a beautiful liabrary & every year a good number of book are added to inculcate the habit of reading among the students
The school has two well equipped computer rooms.
Four smart class rooms are as the plan will be completed by soon.


The students from class V to X divided into four junior and three senior houses. They are
1. Bhagat Singh House        2. Tagore House          3. Nehru House.


  School Tours

The students are sent on Trekking, Educational and Historical Tours during Dussehra break. Annual Picnics are also arranged.

  School Clinic

As the school is keen to impart the best of education, it is anxious as well to look after the health of its students. The school Doctor attends to all the students and they are thoroughly examined once in a year. Cases which need parent's attention at home are scrupulously followed and their medice records maintained.A part time qualified Doctor looks to the needs of the children as and when they require medical aid.


All Students and no play makes jacka a dull boy." Equal importance is being paid to the students in this field also. Inter House matches are arranged annually, where the children try to excel each other. Major Games played in school are Cricket, Badminton, Table-tennis, Basket-ball, Kho-kho, Volley-ball, Hand-ball, Chess,Football and Athletics.

  Science Labs.

With a rich collection of specimens, slides, charts and models we make science an enjoyable and interesting subject to learn. Children develop here their knowledge and understanding of scientific concept of that govern the fascinating world around them. They are encourage to test some of those concepts for themselves, and to record and present their findings. Here we bind the theory with practical. It helps to bring the young scientist among them. Practically doing the things help them to retain the facts. Latest sophisticated equipment’s are provided to assist the understanding and learning.  We provide proper seating arrangement for all.

  Social Service Enviornment Awareness

Making Children aware of social responsibilities and sensitizing them to their environment are important priorities. A Social Service League and a Nature Club, both primarily student- driven bodies, will organize a number of activities during the year including awareness drives, voluntary work and fund-raising

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